Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Colwyn Bay - Police kit detects hidden alcohol on Colwyn Bay streets

Last Updated: Monday, 14 May 2007, 17:32 GMT 18:32 UK 
Police kit detects hidden alcohol
Police alcohol test (Pic: North Wales Police)
Youngsters often hide alcohol in other drinks
Police in north Wales are to trial a new kit which detects alcohol "hidden" in soft drinks.Starting in Colwyn Bay and Abergele, "Operation Booze-buster" will tackle under-age drinking on the streets.
Any alcohol found by the test strip - which changes colour - will be confiscated and the youngsters issued with a warning.
The kits could also be used to catch adults suspected of drinking when prohibited by court orders.
"Children go to great lengths to disguise their drinks, and this is to try and tackle that," said Inspector Jane Banham of North Wales Police.
"Previously when we received complaints about under-age drinkers even if we believed they were carrying alcohol in a bottle of pop we couldn't prove it.
"This kit will show if there's any alcohol," she added.

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