Friday, July 25, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Drug problems?

Drug problems.

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"Some of these posts make you realise how monumentally naive some Llandudno residents really are!
 Colwyn Bay is "rammed full" of rehab clinics?
 It's got one - Touchstones 12. 
And all the "druggies" come from Rhyl and the North West of England? 
I can assure you all that Llandudno has a significant home grown population of "druggies". 
They may be hidden away in areas well away from the tourists but they are there and they're Llandudno born and bred. "

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Blogger The Red Flag said...
Does Touchstones 12 have any clients who were sourced from across the border. In these days of devolution that is wrong. Wales's services are for the inhabitants of Wales - England can sort it's own problems out. Likewise early release offenders.

Likewise accommodation. Why are non-Wales resident clients being housed in Wales. They are not Wales's problem.
25 July 2014 18:31
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Any EU "Crim" can be Housed and Helped in any EU Country
They are a lot of born Welsh druggies in Liverpool and Manchester Areas it is probably those returning to Llandudno
If you really think though that these druggies are imported . Might a I suggest you watch who goes into the chemist for the "special drink" .. Second thought I suggest that you dont check.
one of Wales most produce products is the Welsh druggie
Ask why I they will tell you no jobs and drug are easy money

Sad isn't it all the Me Me assholes could give a Sh*t
25 July 2014 20:25
Anonymous Anonymous said...
25 July 2014 18:31 re
Touchstone clients come from all over the country, the same as the hostel in Bangor,There is no law on local clients.
There should be as we have enough problem people of our own, without brining more in from other areas, or by other Authorities off-loading problem people into the area.
And once they leave the project, (unless they are on probation or schedule 1 sex offences register) they can go wherever they like.
Often to Llandudno, And Colwyn Bay or any Landlord that will take DHS.
Often the people choose to stay in the area once they leave the project or when they break the rules and are kicked out.
The Police know the Hostel well!
I used to work at this hostel a few years ago,so I know all the goings on.
I Have noticed that the Travelodge is discussed on here so it might be of interest for you to know that that families of the hostel occupants or partners often stay at the Travelodge as it is just across the road,and they are not allowed to stay at the Hostel,so rooms can be booked for a (quick one!)
I have also known for new hostel clients to come down before a bed is available, and stay at the Travelodge, their authority, or Probation service picking up the tab for often a lengthy stay.
25 July 2014 20:32
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Colwyn Bay is saturated with these druggie related clinics!
It's a disgrace!!
25 July 2014 20:39

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