Friday, July 18, 2014

Colwyn Bay - The Skip - Porth Eirias saga continues ! Bryn, put up or move on

Porth Eirias, a small time chef and an inept council.

An impeccable source tells me that the figure involved in amending Bryn's kitchen is well into Six figures, this of course is the figure that you and I the taxpayer is being asked to pay for. 
If the council had a restaurant in mind from the beginning why on earth was the place built with curved walls in the first place?
Has Bryn even signed a legal binding lease or is it just an agreement?
Let's not forget Bryn bless runs a very good, so we read, neighbourhood restaurant in Primrose Hill London, as yet he's no huge name as such, he's just borrowed £170 Thousand from Santander  according to them for his London outfit, this whole Colwyn Bay operation is something of a farce and somebody needs to draw a line in the sand, if they can even get on the sand in Colwyn Bay, for Comrade Mike and his gang have closed the beach for now, and be realistic and say to Bryn, put up or move on. 
Why and who have got this plan of Bryn in their minds to an extent they see nothing else as a potential use?
How much is being lost per month at present?
We may well as taxpayers be paying business rates on this folly.
How much is the water sports bringing in, that I believe is a social enterprise so may well still be costing us money.
The senior management and cabinet appear way out of their depth yet again. 
Iwan KR Davied may well be advised to stay in Jamaica next time he goes on his regular holiday there. 

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