Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colwyn bay - Travelodge "It's a scary place"

Anonymous From Thoughts of oscar
Anonymous said...
Omg This is sooo true! Dreadful place, and they won't print bad feedback! People have no idea of the real Travelodge! It should be a crime to "fix the reviews" in favour of the company,or allow the company to vet the reviews.
It's a scary place, the Hostel across the road is really noisy, the night we stayed last year a drunk driver smashed into barriers outside our window!
We had police cars up and down all night.
People should avoid this place and opt for the Brewers Fayre in the Junction and Llandudno it's much cleaner and nicer, this place is a dump, in a town that's a dump,
Anywhere that wont print feedback is suspect! Wouldn't print our review and probably a lot of other people's reviews as well " stinks to high heaven".
21 July 2014 22:39 This follows on from the original complaint about the Travelodge on Thoughts of Oscar

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