Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Colwyn Bay Travelodge alledged Review fixing?

From Thoughts of Oscar -
Appears that all of the negative reviews have been removed off Trip advisor, might be an idea for people not getting their reviews printed to start up their own blog
I had no idea that Trip advisor allowed people to vet feedback, no one else here appears to have heard of this either, If true it's shocking.
 Anonymous said...
I would love to write a story on The Travelodge In Colwyn Bay, and how it has been "Fixing " Bad reviews, via Trip advisor , Basically It vets all of the reviews , and won't allow any negative one's to be published, My wife and I are from the Midlands, we booked three nights at this awful place,and left an honest review on trip advisor, we were concerned as to why it was not published, we contacted Trip advisor, and they stated that " all the reviews are vetted by the Travelodge" We thought this to be outrageous, as well as dishonest, Who else does this? So people stay there under false pretences.Apparently many other people also don't get their reviews printed,And all bad reviews have been removed off the web.
Makes you wonder how badly they are really doing to be so "touchy"
Anyway, love the Site Oscar xxxx
15 July 2014 18:45

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Any hotel regardless of location or rating can be used for illicit purposes.
16 July 2014 13:09
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I could think of Better places to have a brothel than in Conwy!
You probably catch more things than STD,s in most hotels in Llandudno
16 July 2014 17:39
Anonymous Anonymous said...
We have stayed in the Travelodge in Colwyn Bay, booked it when the Rugby was on, and yes there is some, shall we say goings on there! and it was not the Rugby gang, clearly it was taking homeless families, and some shady sorts, We wont stay again, Nasty place, and We have also had our negative feedback not printed on Trip advisor, I think the place is struggling, and they know it, that's why they are trying to control the damage, It's also not very clean!
16 July 2014 21:54
Blogger Jacqueline Richmond said...
Hi Oscar

I think it's pretty poor that Trip Adviser sensor feedback. Many of us look at their site to get a realistic view of places to stay. If the view is one sided then what's the point in having Trip Adviser.

Very Poor.

17 July 2014 14:02
Blogger The Red Flag said...
Trip Advisor has always allowed large chains to censor the comments.

I believe the reason is because otherwise the large chains would slap an Injuction on them and ban them from publishing anything to do with their chain.
18 July 2014 18:00
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Its for this reason I never stay in a chain hotel if I can help it. They are usually characterless with rubber food anyway.
18 July 2014 19:46
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Omg This is sooo true! Dreadful place, and they won't print bad feedback! People have no idea of the real Travelodge! It should be a crime to "fix the reviews" in favour of the company,or allow the company to vet the reviews.
It's a scary place, the Hostel across the road is really noisy, the night we stayed last year a drunk driver smashed into barriers outside our window!
We had police cars up and down all night.
People should avoid this place and opt for the Brewers Fayre in the Junction and Llandudno it's much cleaner and nicer, this place is a dump, in a town that's a dump,
Anywhere that wont print feedback is suspect! Wouldn't print our review and probably a lot of other people's reviews as well " stinks to high heaven".
21 July 2014 22:39


Anonymous said...

We live just across the road from this place, some of the people that stay there are the sort you would not want to meet on a dark night!
They all stand out side the front door with the staff smoking!
or leaning on the front wall outside the main doors, sometimes gangs of them.
Also when the place is empty, staff go around the building turning on the lights!

Anonymous said...

This is very strange, but when we googled this Hotel, it came up with glowing reviews, but after getting there, it was quite clear that something is not quite right, this hotel takes basic to a whole new level! No car park, No garden, No Cafe, Noisy, We stayed for Tom jones and wish we hadn't!.
Nice to see that people are kicking off about this vote fixing, it's not fair, Tom was great the Hotel was crap!

Anonymous said...

Bottom bedroom, facing down Greenfield road! Ill say no more!

Unknown said...

August 10, 2014 at 7:27 AM
Do Tell .........
Will xxx

Anonymous said...

Nasty rough place.