Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Colwyn Bay - Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Towns united over troublemakers

Towns united over troublemakers Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 June, 2005, 07:46 GMT 08:46 UK 
Colwyn Bay
Offenders will be banned from shops and pubs in Colwyn Bay...
Troublemakers in shops could also be banned from pubs in a north Wales town as well as stores in a nearby resort.Regular offenders who steal, swear or are violent towards staff are being targeted under the new scheme.
If people are banned from shops in Colwyn Bay, they will also be unable to visit pubs in the town, or shops five miles away in Llandudno either.
Organisers claim it is the first time in the UK that two towns have united to tackle anti-social behaviour.
Ingrid Lewis, who is town centre manager in Colwyn Bay, denied the scheme was going over the top.
"I don't think so - let's not forget these people are prolific offenders," she said.
The seaside resort of Llandudno
...and from shops in Llandudno as well
"They haven't just committed one offence in one day - they have committed offences over a period of time and frankly they deserve to be excluded.
"The ordinary man in the street, the ordinary shopper, wants to be in a nice safe environment - why should they mix with louts?"
Shopkeepers in Colwyn Bay highlighted problems of vandalism, drugs, underage drinking, shouting and swearing in the area.
Inspector Gary Ashton from North Wales Police is pleased with the scheme, which he said would stop people banned in one town simply travelling down the road to the next.
He said that antisocial behaviour was forcing retailers and pub owners to work together.
"It is the strength of the community being brought to bear against the individuals who engage in antisocial behaviour and disorder," he said.
Fiona Evans, who manages a shop in Colwyn Bay, said the plan could great "big havoc" on the social lives of offenders.
"Hopefully it will divert them and make them realise they have got to behave like the rest of us do," she said.

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