Monday, February 6, 2006

Colwyn Bay - Fears as Asbo leaflets are issued

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Fears as Asbo leaflets are issued
One of the Caernarfon leaflets
The leaflets include a photograph and conditions of the Asbo
Police in Caernarfon in Gwynedd are issuing leaflets identifying people who are the subject of anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos).Leaflets have been circulated to shops and businesses in the town, and people urged to phone the police if they see Asbo conditions being broken.
Business people have welcomed the move saying it gives them more information about trouble makers.
But one councillor said it would give people with Asbos "hero" status.
Police said there are currently nine Asbos in force in Caernarfon, six of them for adults and three juveniles. But only adults will be identified under the scheme.
"Asbos and Casbos - which are Asbos with a criminal conviction attached - are being used more effectively and these leaflets are part of that," said Sgt Pete Jones from the North Wales Police Community Beat Officers Team in Caernarfon.
 Getting an Asbo is not something to be taken lightly
Sgt Pete Jones, North Wales Police
Police have already distributed the leaflets to shops and pubs in Caernarfon. They include a picture, and details of the individuals and list the conditions of the Asbo, which are different for each case.
"There is a perception that Caernarfon is a rough place and by using these leaflets we are showing people that these trouble makers are being kept out of the town," Sgt Jones added.
This is the second time North Wales Police has issued leaflets detailing Asbo holders in a community - a similar scheme was run in Colwyn Bay.
Some businesses in Caernarfon welcome the move.
"Although we usually know who the trouble makers are, these leaflets would be handy, especially if there is a new Asbo," said Miriam Jones from Siop y Plas.
Sgt Pete Jones
Police says people need to know trouble makers are being kept out
However, town councillor Dennis Williams said he was concerned that the leaflets would add to the 'hero' status of some of the trouble makers.
"Some of these (people) see themselves as big heroes and I am a bit concerned that these leaflets will add to this," he said.
"Most young people in this town are fine, it's just a minority who are the trouble makers, something needs to be done about them," he added.
Sgt Jones said that he did not agree with the councillor that being featured on the leaflet would give them special status.
"Getting an Asbo is not something to be taken lightly, these people have a long history of anti social behaviour, an Asbo is a serious punishment," he sai

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