Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Travelodge Running a Brothel?


Travelodge and Trip Advisor.

According to one local tweeter the Travelodge in Colwyn Bay is also used as a brothel! Good job Iwan KR Davies Chief executive of Conwy isn't in charge of that, he couldn't even organize a shag in the brothel him!

"I would love to write a story on The Travelodge In Colwyn Bay, and how it has been "Fixing " Bad reviews, via Trip advisor , Basically It vets all of the reviews , and won't allow any negative one's to be published, My wife and I are from the Midlands, we booked three nights at this awful place,and left an honest review on trip advisor, we were concerned as to why it was not published, we contacted Trip advisor, and they stated that " all the reviews are vetted by the Travelodge" We thought this to be outrageous, as well as dishonest, Who else does this? So people stay there under false pretences.Apparently many other people also don't get their reviews printed,And all bad reviews have been removed off the web.
Makes you wonder how badly they are really doing to be so "touchy"
Anyway, love the Site Oscar xxxx"

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