Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Bryn "The Skip" Williams blasts local business man via Thoughts of Oscar


Bugger off Flannigan and Co!

I really can't see Bryn Williams is doing himself any favours more or less telling a certain Colin Flannigan to bugger off!
Colin long before any  criticism  was a great fan of Bryn Williams opening up at the skip, Porth Eirias and even went as far as trying to make a reservation, Colin tried to secure a booking for a as soon as it opened, sending an e mail, he was never shown the courtesy of a reply, it was then that Colin like the rest of us began to wonder what was going on.

I know that Colin can go out and entertain with the best of us, doubt he's ever  had a public penny off Conwy Council and knows a lot of people, and spends a fair few pounds in the local economy out of his own pocket, not the taxpayer.
Bryn has now responded to Colin saying hurry up and open up to Bryn saying he does not think Colin is the sort of person he wants in his new place, well I'm sure Colin needs Bryn a lot less than Bryn needs the likes of Colin, who unlike a few of Bryn's existing customers from Conwy like Oink Oink Rees and Sacha Davies at least pays his own way and does not charge £600 to the council's taxpayers funded expense account like they did on a visit to Odette's in London with it is alleged Rupert Moon tagging along, he's another one who will travel for a free dinner I'm told!
What do you all make of this bizzare response from Bryn Williams?

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