Thursday, August 24, 2006

Colwyn Bay - Racist bus stop assault in Town Centre

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Racist spit sentence criticised
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The MCB said the sentence 'almost gave a green light' to hate crimes
A teenager has been ordered to pay £100 compensation to a pregnant Muslim woman after spitting at her three times.Daniel Thackray, 19, from Aber near Bangor, was also given a six months suspended custodial sentence after admitting racially aggravated assault.
But the Muslim Council of Britain criticised the sentence by Llandudno magistrates as "almost giving a green light" to hate crime.
Thackray's solicitor said he apologised and that he did not hold racist views.
The court heard that Thackray, who was drunk, spat three times at the seven months pregnant victim, who is 46 and of Turkish origin, and also at her 18-year-old daughter.
 Society shows its revulsion at certain crimes by the way in which it sentences people 
Muslim Council of Britain
The court heard that he swore at the mother in a racist manner at a Colwyn Bay bus stop in July.
A custodial sentence was suspended for 18 months.
Court chairman Owen Evans told Thackray: "This was disgraceful behaviour against two vulnerable victims."
Defence solicitor David Jones said:¿ He doesn't hold any racist views. His mother has cousins of Muslim faith. He's asked me to apologise to the victims through the court."
'Disgusting crime'
But the Muslim Council of Britain said "hate crime" needed to be treated more seriously.
A spokesman said: "Society shows its revulsion at certain crimes by the way in which it sentences people. This almost gives a green light to hate crimes.
"Spitting at and pushing a pregnant woman is revolting. Spitting at anyone is a disgusting crime.

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