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Colwyn Bay: Boy aged 10 accused of raping 10-year-old schoolboy in primary school toilet

Colwyn Bay : Boy aged 10 accused of raping 10-year-old schoolboy in primary toilet

Court hears both had viewed pornography prior to alleged attack

Mold Crown Court
A boy aged 10 is accused of raping another 10-year-old in a primary school toilet.
Prosecuting barrister Karl Scholz told a jury at Mold Crown Court that pornography had been viewed by both boys and that the jury may come to the conclusion that what lay behind what was alleged to have taken place was the availability of pornography on the internet.
What was being done was “acting out” what had been seen, he alleged.
He said it was “frankly troubling” to find allegations “of crime of this level against someone so young”.
At the opening of the trial, he said: “It is that which may lie behind the corruption of the minds of the people involved in this case.”
The defendant, who cannot be named and is now aged 12, has pleaded not guilty to the rape and a second charge of inciting the boy to engage in sexual activity at the school in the Colwyn Bay area.
The court heard today that in March last year the complainant was spoken to by teachers following rumours in the school that he had said he’d sexually touched his girlfriend.
The boy had a girlfriend but he had made up the story to impress or to appear cool, it was alleged.
It was while teachers were speaking to him about that issue that the boy disclosed what the defendant was alleged to have done to him.
That night he told his parents and the matter was reported to the police.
Interviewed, the complainant told how he hated the defendant, who he described as “Mr Goody-Good” in front of teachers but who in the play ground “speaks trash, rubbish” and was “mean and rude”
The defendant would swear at him and call him gay, he alleged.
Mr Scholz said that the complainant withdrew himself from the playground at break times either through fear of being bullied or because of fun or spite directed at him.
He would wander up and down outside the boys’ lavatories by himself.
It was alleged that the first incident occurred when the defendant asked him during an English class if he wanted to have sex with him.
The complainant said “no way” and thought he was joking.
After the lesson, the complainant went to the toilet and as he left the defendant walked in and allegedly grabbed hold of him.
It was claimed that he pushed him up against a sink, pulled down his trousers and raped him.
The complainant told him to stop it, he scratched the defendant’s arm and pulled away and after about ten seconds he pulled his trousers up.
It was claimed the defendant told him: “Oh come on, the party’s just starting.”
At that stage the boy was embarrassed and so he did not tell anyone, Mr Scholz explained.
It was alleged that there had been a second incident when the defendant tried to pull his trousers down as he washed his hands after using the urinals but the boy held on to his trousers and would not let him.
The defendant allegedly asked him: “Why not? It’s fun.”
It was claimed that on another occasion the defendant and another boy pretended to be gay in the toilets, kissing and hugging each other.
Each was said to have exposed himself and the complainant was told to perform a sex act.
It was said the complainant broke away and ran into the playground to tell two teachers what had just happened.
Interviewed, the defendant accepted that he had been mean to the complainant a couple of times but said he had not bullied him.
He had never asked him for sex and nothing sexual had happened between them, he said.
Questioned again in May, the defendant said he had asked the complainant once for a date but said it was only a joke.
The trial, before Judge Philip Hughes, is proceeding.

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