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Colwyn Bay - Eirias Park boating lake a 'disgrace'

Colwyn Bay's Eirias Park boating lake a 'disgrace'

Published date: 03 April 2014 | 
Published by: Mike Williams 
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BOATING lake that lies in a Colwyn Bay park which recently benefitted from £6.5 million of investment has been labelled a “disgrace.”
The Eirias Park lake, which is within “spitting distance” of the multi-million pound developed Parc Eirias stadium, is covered in mud and there is litter, wood and a tyre.

Pioneer Reader Philip Andrews, of Rhos-on-Sea, said the lake, drained for the Colwyn Bay bonfire display last year, was “disgusting”.
"You have the new sports centre in spitting distance of it and the Battle in The Park is being held there for the Forties Festival.
"Heaven knows what visitors will think when they see it.

“Certainly not a good image for Colwyn Bay."

Another reader, Sarah Moore, of Old Colwyn, added: “I take my dog there every day and I worry that it’s not getting cleaned up.

“One of these days a young kid or someone drunk could fall in that pool and hurt themselves.”

Conwy county councillors praised Parc Eirias’ effects on the town in January, revealing the investment in Eirias Park had brought £2million into Colwyn Bay.

Cllr Abdul Kahn said the nearby lake’s future is now “on the council’s radar”.
He added: “It is really in a bad state at the moment.

“And as they say, rubbish attracts rubbish, so when people see it hasn’t been taken care of they will use it as a dumping ground.

“Eirias Park is a central attraction for Colwyn Bay and it’s high time we did something about it.”

Conwy Council Leisure Manager, Neil Williams, blamed a severe weed problem over the summer months for the “unsightly” mess in the lake.

He said: “We have looked at various options and this summer we’re going to try lining the lake to deprive the weeds of sunlight and inhibit growth, and use an algae inhibitor.

“The first step will be to clear the bonfire and winter debris from the lake bed and we’re aiming to have the lake ready for Easter.
“If you’d like to get involved in the clear-up, phone me on 01492 575594 or email”

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