Thursday, July 24, 2014

Colwyn Bay - The Skip Porth Eirias, More bad news for Bryn Williams


More cash for Bryn?

Re Tell Bryn to hoof it!

Is it tine a degree of reality was adopted at the Temple of Waste and it is accepted that the Bryn Williams BullShit has gone on long enough and he was told to hoof it?
Dear Oscar, thought I would keep you updated.
A friend of mine works at in London, just had a natter, and she informed me Bryn has no idea of all the local anger at Conwy Council and local tax payers about the costs involved and also all of the local people's hatred for the Skip, but also all of the articles on local blogs about this fiasco, and people's opinions.
Good news Byn has now been told, The info has been emailed to Bryn  by someone and posted and his own wall and facebook page, someone needed to tell him , so he could get out before it's too late! Good for them.
well he knows now! Lets just sit back and wait

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