Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Thoughts of Oscar support floods in



In these ever increasing times of suppressing free speech we see the premier blog of North Wales forced into closure by a petulant and cowardly Guto Beeb. Beeb used Parliamentary Privilege to attack David Jones and Dylan Moore yet had the audacity to accuse Nigel Roberts (Oscar) of hiding behind anonymity. One rule for them and another for us I suppose.
Whilst I always got on with Oscar I often envied him, whatever I have wrote within these pages I always had to back it up with proof, Oscar, on the other hand, was the maverick I longed to be. His sources of information were enviable and his attitude, if a tad cavalier, was to be admired. Beeb, with his strop, has shown himself to be the gutless wonder that he is and the utter contempt in which he holds his constituents, we can only hope the local Conservatives, if that is what they really are in this day and age, see through this charlatan and drop him at the earliest opportunity. (Don't hold your breath)
I suppose now we will see the Night of the Long Knives and Nigel will be the subject of recriminations, I only hope his long list of admirers stand by him, if asked, I know I will. He only said what many of us thought. CCBC must be celebrating heavily, they can now continue with their dubious practices without the fear of being brought to task by the pages of Oscar and/or Councillors indulging their expenses without Oscar's scrutiny, their oldboy-network safe once again from prying eyes.
My door will always be open to Nigel and a hand of friendship there if he needs it, too many of us hid in the shadows at least Oscar had the bollocks to walk in the sunshine.


And it would be fair to say , this viewpoint above is echoed by many across the county.

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