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Colwyn Bay - TV chef Bryn Williams Restaurant opening in Colwyn Bay delayed again

Top TV chef's arrival in Colwyn Bay delayed again

Published date: 15 July 2014 | 
Published by: Dean Jones 
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TV CHEF Bryn Williams’ long-awaited arrival at Porth Eirias has hit another set-back as Conwy Council mull over extra funding for his new bistro. 

In a behind-closed-doors meeting last week, Council Leader Dilwyn Roberts asked cabinet members if a report on Porth Eirias and the additional cash could be presented to the Principal Overview and Scrutiny Committee “at the earliest opportunity”. 

A Conwy Council spokesperson said: “Considerable time and energy has been invested over the past two years to bring the bistro business to this new development. 

“However, additional funding is required to carry out the structural changes and fit-out of the premises, and councillors will be asked to consider the additional financial outlay implications for Conwy Council.” 

Members of the public were barred from the discussions on the grounds that it covered private financial information. 

Bryn was due to open his restaurant in December last year. 

After several set-backs, Conwy Council finally confirmed the chef had “signed on the dotted line” in April when he said he will move in later this year. 

The council said the date for the Scrutiny Committee meeting will be confirmed “in due course”. 

Clwyd West MP David Jones, said: "Like many residents, I was delighted when it was announced at the end of April that a lease to Bryn Williams had been signed and that he would be taking possession later this year. 

"Now it appears that the council will still have to find a considerable additional sum to fit out the kitchen - a matter I'd have thought should have been agreed at the time the lease was signed. Another summer season will pass without an anchor tenant at Porth Eirias, which, combined with the continuing engineering works on the beach, is bad news for Colwyn Bay.
The news comes just weeks after it was revealed that Williams has completed renovations at his establishment in Primrose Hill, Odette’s, after he received a £170,000 from a funding package granted from the Santander Corporate and Commercial Group, which will increase covers at the restaurant from 20 to 108.

"In the interests of clarity and transparency, the council should please tell us what the continuing problem is, and why it wasn't resolved much earlier - it is hardly surprising that many local people are questioning whether Porth Eirias will ever be profitable." 
Public money should be spent in agreement with the public, not without their consent.what other Cafe or Pub would be given such financial support? and why?

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