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Colwyn Bay - Vandals twice smash windows on bus

Vandals twice smash windows on bus

Published date: 16 May 2012 | 
Published by: Aaron Haley
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A COMMUNITY bus that provides Colwyn Bay youths with a safe place to meet at weekends has been attacked by vandals.

The bus, run by a team of volunteers from the Antioch church on Abergele Road, had rocks thrown through six of its windows, forcing it off the road on Friday night.

Polly Leavers, who helps run the free service, was shocked to find that the bus had been attacked on two successive evenings.

She said: “We took the bus to where we park it on the Conwy Business Park, and the next day found that the windscreen was put in with a rock.

"We patched it up and made it safe, and came back the next day to find another five have been broken. We can’t think of anyone who would hate us this much.

“We had to go and tell the children that we couldn’t come down. They were really upset and couldn’t think of who would do this to their bus.”

The bus, running for eight years thanks to donations from church members, costs £1,600 a year to insure.
Polly said she was worried about future attacks on the bus, and appealed for help from Pioneer readers in finding a safer place to store it.
“It’s just somewhere for the children to go in an evening.
“Some of them have had a difficult time, and it’s just a place for them to have a hot chocolate and chill out. We just give out a positive message, something some of the children don’t get anywhere else.
“We initially thought it could have just been someone in Conwy who’s had too much to drink, but then it happened on the second night.
“We can’t keep having it damaged. It’s parked on the road now, so it would be great if we could lock it up somewhere, like a barn or a shed.”
A North Wales Police spokesman confirmed they were investigating reports of criminal damage to a double decker bus parked next to North Wales Recovery on the Morfa Conwy Business Park on Friday.

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