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Colwyn Bay - The Knowhere Guide, Hookup Spots in Colwyn Bay,

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The Knowhere Guide

Hookup Spots in Colwyn Bay, Conwy*

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Hookup Spots
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  • Pier amusements was a good place to pick up holiday chicks out for a day went back last year for a vist what a DUMP
  • Rydal penros school is crap. Peter jeffries is a little fucking prick, post this on the net, anyone who knows him tell him hes a fucking wanker. Burn in hell ass hole
  • Eirias Park is a lovely setting and the nvy of alot of nearby towns such as Llanduidno who can not boast a leisure centre or astro turf facility
  • the prem amusments an station roud is agreat place to drink an have fun xx
  • Erias park was a decent spot for taking advantage drunken ladies when you were 13, but only if you had a bottle of blue ocean or 20/20. If you were in the right crowd the infamous garage was good hangout (entry requirements 4 cans of challenge).
  • The Prem Amusements, obviously, where the jobless seem to hang out all week long
  • Station road, all the time. Also the prom, for some inane reason.
  • 'The Prem' amusement arcade on Station Road: a place where the kids dodge school, the unemployed waste their giros & ply their trade in 'shoplifting to order'.

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