Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colwyn Bay - Colwyn Bay Eirias Park suffers serious neglect!

"My wife and I took the dogs out to the Park this weekend just gone. We had not been there for about two years since we moved to Abergele, and we were so shocked with what we saw"  Here are the photo's of our trip there!
 Dirty Lake filled with litter

 Plastic sheeting in the Lake
 Paths that have not been cleaned in years!

 Filthy water!
 Damaged walls.

 Paths that need weeding

 The small boating lake, again filled with litter and trash.
Thank you to the readers who sent in these photo's, such a shame, this was once such a lovely Park.


Anonymous said...

This park used to be lovely in the 1970s, it's gone right down hill since, sadly.
Stopped going there when gangs of youths used to hand around the shelters by the civic.
I wonder if the new owners will treat it any better?

Anonymous said...

This looks bloody awful, what a dump!

Anonymous said...

What a dump!