Friday, July 11, 2014

Colwyn Bay Facebook - Colwyn Bay the battle was lost decades ago !

Colwyn Bay fell out of favour as Llandudno excelled itself, the battle was lost decades ago, did Marks & Spencer choose to come to Colwyn Bay? We blame the council, the A55, the landlords who don’t even live in the country converting our lovely late Victorian buildings to the bedsit land we know today but that’s the way it went & there’s nothing we can do to change that. I love a good grumble at how my home town has fallen by the wayside but that’s exactly what has been allowed to happen by the powers that be & no amount of facebook causes will change that.
Colwyn Bay-v-Llandudno?
There’s only one winner, time to rethink? Is that what’s happening now? New beach, new concrete skip? Is there going to be new town centre? Green spaces? Zero tolerance to anti social behaviour? Incentives to attract business back to Colwyn Bay? As far as I’m concerned it’s all up in the air as is our once magnificent piers future. A new identity & something nowhere else offers, is this the way forward for our beloved Bay?
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  • Craig Davies Llandudno is in decline. A large percentage of their hotels have been for sale for years without attracting any interest at all. Llandudno high street used to be a shopping destination but the retail park has been a noose around its neck and strangled...See More
  • Jamie Lord Colwyn bay beach is far better than Llandudno's beaches!
  • Kerry Hain They need to cut the costs of having a shop in the town... give businesses an incentive to open here and then help them to stay open. Give shoppers a reason to walk out of the Bay View Centre and up Station Road again. Fill those empty shops and not with more crap shops who open for 6 months, sell junk, then vanish again.
  • Mike Hulme Colwyn bay needs the pier back a fun fair deck chairs on the beech just like the early and mid seventies when it was busy
  • Meira Lloyd Owen I actually PREFER Colwyn Bay, being a wheelchair user, the pavements alone are better , just need more big shops there, come on CCBC, Colwyn Town Council and Colwyn Bay Chamber of Trades, get on them! Bring our Town back to it's glory years!
  • Phil Pip Jones Well said (big hand clap)
  • Nathan Davies My tips to bring back new customers to the bay.

    1. Change the bus stop, theres nothing more off putting that getting of a bus right out side a pub, the pub is nice bit as the smokers now line up out side it's not the best first impression of a town wh
    ...See More
  • Jamie Lord Maybe we should think about forming a committee to put pressure on Colwyn council and town management to make Colwyn a great place to live and visit!
  • Sally Mumford .......... and don't forget vehicle access to the prom from Victoria Avenue restored!!!!!!!!
  • Michael Owen One thing you missed. The Bay went for offices, didnt matter who or what they were.Hawarden Road, Wynnstay Road, all offices. Now most of them gone
  • Cledwen Stevens Well said.
  • Dawn Evans I agree there xx
  • Nathan Davies Llandudno might have a pier that's running but colwyn bay as a great landmark that I've never noticed any one try and think of promoting it more and spending money to vamp it up

    The zoo!
  • Allyson M Harry Never give up. Try to get the council members to do whats best for the Bay. There is always hope. The people of Bangor managed to save their pier.
  • Pete Morris f~~~ llandudno
  • Garrad Musgrove I see that vision x
  • Nathan Davies Na the council Cant offer the free rent its the landlords of the buildings and there only in it for the money
  • CakesBy Clair Google Totally Locally, its something we should all get involved with
  • Joan Watkins All brilliant comment on here, all sensible ideas, We need to attract nice family business here more children's facilities .
  • Anna Heathcote 3 shops in the main st closed in the last few weeks..... im afraid its fast becoming a ghost town. Why dont the town council encourage new business by making shops rent free for a few months and then at a reduced rate.... they are just sitting empty so they are having no revenue from them anyway ????
  • Mark Bratt There is something we can all do. It's being called a vigilante and getting rid of the slumlords and the refers that live in them
  • Dewi Jones Will the powers that be please define Ant social behavior as there is some confusion between being disabled and anti social. Names can be supplied.
  • Kathleen Davies I agree with what is said,there is drastic need for a change do the top people in the council actually live in Colwyn Bay?they obviously don't shop in the Bay.They turn up for council meetings but don't seem to do anything positive for the town,The pla...See More

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